Gain full control of your plantation.

Intelligent, integrated dashboard powered by satellite imagery and the latest artificial intelligence.

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Find insights from your daily operational data and receive intelligent alerts with our intuitive web dashboard.

Full Plantation Transparency

Comprehensive geodata visualizer including input, yield and issue tracking.

Designate Logical Boundaries

Easily create custom boundaries to contrast differences and facilitate management planning.

Multispectral Health Indices

Get an overview understanding of the plantation health by looking at indices such as NDVI.

Constant Anomaly Detection

Find out potentially problematic regions. Get notifications when the anomaly crosses a threshold.

Automated Monitoring from Space

A constant, up-to-date and fully geolocated inventory of your entire plantation.

Stay in Control

Know where and when issues arise. Accessible from your mobile device.

Maximize Yields

Put your data to work. Find focus areas from daily operational data.

Full Spatial Context

Birds-eye view of the entire estate. All without the hassle of UAVs or contractors.

Historical and Current

See into the past. Satellites have been constantly looking at Earth for decades; Tap into historical context to see how your estate evolved over the years.

Integration Oriented

Our dashboard is designed to allow hassle-free, piecewise integration - auxiliary data can come from any source.

Custom Devices

A rainfall-gauge which uploads daily precipitation; An app that tracks fertilizer amounts applied at each spot; The possibilities are endless.

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