Innovating Forestry And Agriculture

Bringing the power of AI Technology to the Forestry and Agricultural Field

In Agritix, we strive to design, develop and deliver AI solutions for our partners with machine vision, deep learning and other state-of-the-art technologies.

We develop and deliver practical solutions through applications and integrations of various technologies

Satellite and Drone Imagery

Data Tabulation and Visualization

IoT, In-Field and Portable Devices

Mobile and Web Applications

Cloud Management and Service

AI and Machine Vision

How Agritix Brings AI To The Field

Our AI Platform eases the building and deployment of AI models for our clients applications.

Roles of Agritix Platform

Model Building

We provide building service of AI model in many forms of solutions.

Model Hosting

We manage the hosting service of the models on our platform that we built with our partners.

Model Sharing

Monetize your built models by sharing them on our platform through apps and website.

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